Moving Boundaries… We dare to Fail

At Napablaze, we aim high. Constantly seeking out boundaries and finding new ways to move them. Because we dare to. Because we believe we know how to, and because today’s influx of data demands it.

Growth of network traffic and the diversity of applications are driving the need for scalable solutions that can collect, extract, distribute and analyze high volumes of network traffic, applications and data flows.

We dare to take up the challenge.

At Napablaze, we design and manufacture high-performance hardware systems where transfer of high volume of traffic from high speed links with multi CPU distribution over the traditional PCIe NIC interface is handled in a new way. Handled with a hardware architecture that may actually set new standards for dealing with complex network scenarios.

The possibilities are many…

  • Heterogeneous compute framework [FPGA, CPU, NPU and next generation processing]
  • Flow aware packet dealer
  • Distributed network interface card
  • Accelerated correlation and distribution
  • Line rate storage

with our Network Appliance

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